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Upcoming Event

Christmas Celebration in Curitiba

27 Nov 2016 - 13 Dec 2016

Curitiba is considered the Christmas Capital City in Brazil! The HSBC Christmas Choral exists since more than 20 years.See the Christmas program for 2014 and spend a few days here to see everything.

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Curitiba is known internationally for its solutions regarding sustainability. The city has been recently rewarded as the "most sustainable city in the world". Life quality can easily be seen by visitors in the green areas, parks and a model public transport system. In the Curitiba destination guide, one will find a wide range of things to do and see in Curitiba: famous parks, museums like Oscar Niemeyer Museum and historic cities around - your perfect gateway for holidays and to begin your holiday in Brazil.

There are a variety of exciting tours in Curitiba listed in our tour options, like our exclusive Curitiba walking tour; a brand new option. Curitiba´s gastronomy and shopping options are also impressive- many restaurants and shopping alternatives will surprise you. Most visitors look for the scenic train tour from Curitiba to Morretes or Paranaguá; this breathtaking train tour traverses mountains covered by Atlantic Rain Forest. Many handbooks speak about the train to Paranaguá, but passenger trains only traffic on the track between Morretes and Paranaguá on Sundays. Book your train ticket online with us! The daily option will arrive in Morretes, a lovely town in Curitiba's countryside.

Curitiba is not a coastal town itself, though it is not far from beautiful beach areas including Ilha do Mel; a lovely nature reserve with many beaches and sandy trails just 115 km (72 mi) from Curitiba. It is also an ideal stop between Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo and the wonderful Iguassu-Falls on the border with Argentina!

This southern city in Brazil is acclaimed the world over as an exemplary model of urban planning. There are many hotels in Curitiba to choose from and, for locals, the ‘livability' factor distinguishes Curitiba from many cities in Brazil. With the largest economy in southern Brazil, Curitiba has deployed urban solutions with innovative land use. The city also boasts about a UNESCO acknowledgement, which it won for its organized and original urban development solutions. During a half-day Curitiba city tour you will see some aspects of Curitiba´s great city planning and visit the most beautiful parks.

The ubiquitous Parana Pine tree is a state symbol. This flat topped, straight trunk tree is seen in every park, every square and street of Parana. In fact, the name of the city is derived from the language of the indigenous Brazilian people called Tupi. The word may have been coined from a combination of core (pine tree) and etuba (many) or kuri (pine tree) and tyba (great quantity). The pine tree is also the subject of many photographs and paintings in Curitiba. The capital city is located at a height of 3,000 feet and is 250 miles to the south west of São Paulo. A small mountain range separates it from the port city of Paranaguá. Curitiba is located on a plateau that extends 500 miles to the west.

Curitiba´s history
is very interesting and differs from other regions in Brazil. The first settlers arrived in the 17th century looking for gold. The legend says that the saint of the village - Nossa Senhora da Luz - looked every day in the other direction, making clear that she wanted to move somewhere else. The settlers asked for the Tupi-guarani Indians where should be the best place and their chief - Tindiguera - indicated the area where today Tiradentes Square is located. The Indians probably helped these settlers, as the village was not attacked like in other places in Brazil.

The settlement was very poor and isolated and the first families lived from cattle and some gold found in rivers. As the needs for food increased in the 18th century, a road was built to transport goods from Rio Grande do Sul to São Paulo. During this time, Curitiba became more important, as the cowboys needed villages to rest and sell their goods. The locals began to raise cattle and sell them to the north. The time of the "tropeiros" had arrived. They transported their goods in mules and contributed to disseminate habits and commerce all over southern Brazil.

In the beginning of the 19th century, due to Paraguay War, there was a great need for mate tea in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, the greatest consumers until today. As mate grew in Paraná, its production became very important for Curitiba. The transportation was a major issue and the Graciosa Road and the railroad to Paranaguá were built in that period to transport mate, wood, beef and other goods produced here.

Due to the lack of workers, many immigrants came from Europe to work and live in Curitiba, mostly from Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Italy. Curitiba's diverse culture is the result of this mixture. This is evident in the varied architecture, Curitiba cuisine, language and the religious composition of Curitiba.

Due to the mate production the city developing steadily in the 19th century, in the 1920s and '30, a new product became very important: coffee. It was produced in northern Paraná and exported from Santos Port and from Paranaguá Port. By the 60s, Paraná was the greatest coffee producer in the world!

A very cold winter ended this profitable production and suddenly many farm workers came with their families in the 1970s to Curitiba looking for new opportunities. During that time the city had a great architect as mayor - Jaime Lerner - who recognized the urgent need of good city planning. Since then, Curitiba has developed more and more and became of the world´s most recognized cities for its public transportation and green areas. Such facts and many others are the main subject Curitiba´s Walking Tour, a cultural and historical tour downtown Curitiba.

The city has recognized the cultural inheritance left by its settlers and immigrants with its 26 parks dedicated to all the nations that have contributed to its growth. Curitiba has one of the highest green spaces per capita (55 square metres) in the world, with well preserved biodiversity comprising a total of 22 million square metres. Such green areas are also important to control the rain floods, as the city is crossed by several small rivers and prior to the existence of the parks, much flooding happened every year. Today most of these rivers run through green areas and are not a major problem anymore.

The largest of the Curitiba parks is "Parque Barigui," named after the Barigui River. Besides the small recreational lakes that are part of the parks, Curitiba has four other rivers - Passauna, Iguaçu, Atuba and Belém. Exploring the beautiful parklands and rivers is just one of the many great things to see and do in Curitiba.

Where the city was founded, at Tiradentes Square, you will see the Metropolitan Cathedral of Curitiba; built in 1894 with Barcelonan influence. Explore the city on a Curitiba tour taking in the city's classical scenario, theatre, music and other artistic performances all of which are heavily dominated by a Brazilian influence.

Curitiba has "pedestrian only" streets that are real delights for the tourists travelling in Curitiba. In the historical sector or Setor Histórico, eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings have been converted into galleries, cafes, cultural centres, bars and Curitiba restaurants. Sunday has a craft market, an interesting Curitiba shopping experience and a great place to explore and pick up some great Curitiba souvenirs. The XV de Novembro Street (Fifteenth of November or Flower Street) is one of the earliest of Brazil's "pedestrian streets" and was inaugurated in 1972. It also has a large number of historical buildings that have been restored as cake shops and cafes in Curitiba.

Examples of modern architecture are the Ópera de Arame Theatre, the Museu Oscar Niemeyer and the University Livre do Meio Ambiente. There is a fantastic range of public transport in Curitiba, the product of the Curitiba Master Plan. Five different types of buses, including the Rapid Transit bi-articulated buses, serve the passengers. Come March, Curitiba hosts the much awaited Festival de Curitiba.

Curitiba's "livability" factor has created a happy local population and ensured a tourist popularity that is almost entirely the creation of the people and the town planners. During the day tourists traverse the town on various kinds of Curitiba tours and activities, and after office hours, they are joined by the Curitibanos to "chill out" in the numerous coffee shops, restaurants and commercial establishments spread all over the city. For tourists, this actually means year round festivities and events in Curitiba, not limited by special occasions such as music, movie and theatre festivals, seasonal fairs, pageants, Christmas light displays, concerts and restaurants and nightclubs in Curitiba.

If you find the shops in Curitiba teeming with teenagers on Friday evenings, do not assume it's a special occasion. On Saturday mornings, entire families will be out on the mall, listening to the musical groups, or gathering around food and flower stalls in the Passeio Público, Mercado Municipal or other parks all over the city. The pedestrian area, Rua das Flores, was built in the 1972; the first in Brazil and, at that time, local businessmen and residents opposed it. The mayor decided to begin the works on a long holiday, so that the street was ready on Monday, when the stores opened again.

Downtown Curitiba is safe, clean and a real pleasure place to walk around, so check out our map of Curitiba to see the location of the many Curitiba tourist attractions and Curitiba hotels, then hit the streets for a Curitiba tour. Tourists need not hurry inside their hotels in Curitiba or other ‘safe' venues (night clubs etc) by nightfall. This goes a long way to speak about the efforts of the Municipal administration. The Children's Christmas show in the HSBC building in Centro is so spectacular that it truly defines Curitiba as the ‘Capital do Natal' or ‘Christmas Capital' of Brazil. The building, resplendent in dazzling Christmas lights and candles, has children standing at the windows singing. Do not miss this event if you happen to be in Curitiba during December.

If you are looking for an exciting range of accommodation in Curitiba you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of Curitiba hotels to choose from. Our accommodation options include Curitiba hostels and budget accommodation, through to luxury Curitiba hotels. Through our network of travel sites you can also book Belo Horizonte hotels, Fernando de Noronha hotels, Florianopolis hotels and many more. Check out our Brazil travel guide to link up with our local connections in Brazil.

From: R$ 260 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

One of the most impressive train tours in South America! Take this join-in tour, where you will meet other travellers and will have the chance to visit Morretes, Antonina and return by Graciosa Road. Tour available daily! The tourist category has only a Portuguese-speaking guide. If you prefer an English-speaking guide, see Join In Train Tour Executive or the private tour.

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From: R$ 299 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

One of the most impressive train tours in South America! Take this join-in tour, where you will meet other travelers and will have the chance to visit Morretes, Antonina and return by Graciosa Road. Saturdays and Sundays!

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From: R$ 386 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Welcome aboard the first luxury train in Brazil, the Great Brazil Express. Take this exclusive train on an amazing journey through the Atlantic Rain Forest to Morretes. Visit also Antonina and taste the local cuisine. Tour available Saturday and Sunday, or weekdays for groups of minimum 10 persons!. 

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From: R$ 108 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Buy your train ticket to Morretes safely and easily! Do not lose any time buying it opn arrival! Book your ticket in advance for the same price!

Tourist category: daily to Morretes; Portuguese-speaking guide on board; snacks included.

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From: R$ 158 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Buy your train ticket to Morretes safely and easily. Save your time booking your ticket in advance for the same price!

Executivo category
: , bilingual guide (Portuguese/English speaking), drinks and snacks are already included. This category is available every Saturday and Sunday and subject to confirmation on other days.

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From: R$ 140 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

In this private city tour, you will have a guided walking tour in the old town and downtown area and visit to the most famous places in Curitiba, such as Botanical Garden, Pope´s Woods and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. During the walking tour you will get a deeper inside blick about the history and culture of the city. The tour lasts 4 hours.


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From: R$ 450 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This tour is designed for those who have only one day in Curitiba and want to enjoy the best of the city and its surroundings. This private tour leaves from Curitiba hotels and includes a short city tour in Curitiba, a trip through Graciosa Road to Morretes, a delicious lunch and an exciting train ride through the Atlantic Rain Forest. Due to the light conditions, we reccommend this tour from November to March.


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From: R$ 140 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This city tour includes the most visited places in Curitiba, such as Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Pope´s Woods, Wire Opera House, Botanical Garden and a panorama tour in the downtown area. Depending on the rhythm of the tour, more places can be visited. The tour is private and lasts 4 hours.


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From: R$ 315 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

A full day tour in Curitiba to enjoy the city intensely, see and experience the most beloved places, such as the Old Town during a short walking tour, Botanical Garden, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Pope´s Woods, Panoramic Tower, a typical lunch in Santa Felicidade (the Italian neighborhood), Tingui Park, Tanguá Park, Wire Opera House and Unilivre. The tour is private and lasts about 9 hours.


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From: R$ 410 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Do you want to get a deeper view of Curitiba and register your moments here? This 9-hour tour includes a 2-hour private photo shoot with Curitiba as background. A professional photographer will be with you at the first part of the tour and will take fotos in a very natural and quiet way. A very nice and exciting way to keep your travel moments alive. This tour can be booked Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

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From: R$ 245 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Spend an afternoon in Curitiba´s countryside! We will take you to Italian and Polish settlements close to Curitiba, where you will see a bit of the Brazilian countryside and have the chance to taste homemade wine, just like the former immigrants did. Enjoy an afternoon coffee table (café colonial) with delicious pastries! This tour is available on Saturdays and Sundays!

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From: R$ 305 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

The Vila Velha and Furnas tour offers an interesting visit to the Vila Velha State Park, located in Ponta Grossa, approximately 90 km (57 miles) from Curitiba. The main attractions are the amazing sandstone formations, Dourada Lake and the Furnas Caves with their high-ceilinged chambers and breathtaking subterranean lakes. This tour is available from Wednesday to Monday. 

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From: R$ 384 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) is well-known as a pleasant car-free island perfect for nature and hiking lovers. With its unique and beautiful environment, Ilha do Mel is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Paraná coast. This private tour happens daily and departs from any hotel in Curitiba.

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From: R$ 895 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This tour offers several highlights for those seeking insider knowledge, combined with a touch of individuality and flexibility. The tour includes a train ride to Morretes, guided transfer to the island, 2 overnights on Ilha do Mel and return by comfortable public bus to Curitiba.

[more info]

From: R$ 425 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This tour takes you to the sandstone formations of Vila Velha and to Witmarsum, a lonesome village founded by Mennonites in the 1950s. Experience the Brazilian countryside in this place. The tour is available from Wednesday to Monday. 

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From: R$ 90

Garden Curitiba Hotel offers some special services that make it different from other Curitiba hotels in the budget category, such as a welcome drink of a typical soda called Gengibirra, which is found only in Curitiba, free parking lot and 24/7 room service. Garden Curitiba Hotel is recommended by Lonely Planet and has a very caring staff. It is conveniently located just three blocks from the pedestrian street Rua das Flores and two blocks from the old town Largo da Ordem.

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From: R$ 148

Marabá Hotel Curitiba is a family-run hotel located in a beautiful elder building that was always a hotel. The place was completely renewed and offers a charming atmosphere with low rates. Rooms are simple, but nicely furbished. Free wireless internet connection is available and car parking is free in hotels´ own parking lot.

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From: R$ 109

The Hotel Brasília is very beloved among budget travelers due to the affordable prices. This Curitiba hotel offers clean, cozy and simple rooms, good breakfast and friendly staff. The hotel offers free wireless, a mini-library (including English books), beverage and vending machines, and laundry service. Breakfast buffet is included in the price. The location is very convenient, which is right downtown.

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From: R$ 179

Hotel Nacional Inn Torres (former Hotel Promenade) has a great location, very close to the main bus and train station. Its pleasant rooms are comfortably furnished and vary in size. The service is very good, as many employees have worked there for years. Breakfast is very abundant and the rooms are impeccable and well maintained, everything for affordable prices.

This hotel does not have fixed rates and they are subject to change. The daily rate will be confirmed after your booking request.

[more info]

From: R$ 128

Guaíra Palace Hotel is a traditional hotel in downtown Curitiba, located in one of the most popular addresses in town, Rui Barbosa Square, with easy access to the pedestrian area, Rua das Flores, and the Batel Quarter. Hotel Guaíra offers simple, but functional rooms, an ideal location and competitive prices among Curitiba hotels. The Hotel Guaíra also offers delicious breakfasts and a vegetarian lunch buffet.

[more info]

From: R$ 199

Hotel Lizon Curitiba is a safe and pleasant option among Curitiba Hotels. Its convenient location close to the main bus station is an advantage. Its structure offers good value and services directed to business travelers. The hotel is very beloved by families and people looking for personal services and cosy atmosphere.

[more info]

From: R$ 205

The San Juan Executive Hotel Curitiba is a pleasant choice if you look for accommodation in convenient location , close to the main bus station. Its neatly kept rooms and friendly service are a plus in this hotel. All rooms feature air condition, TV, telephone and mini-bar. There is room service available round the clock. 

[more info]

From: R$ 175

Trevi Hotel & Business Curitiba is a central hotel located close to the pedestrian area. This Curitiba hotel is a good option for those looking for functional and modern accommodation in the downtown area. The hotel is very friendly and most employees have been working there for years. It has been recently renovated.

[more info]

From: R$ 171

The Centro Europeu Tourist Curitiba Hotel is a is a great option with convenient location right downtown in a quiet street just in front of Osório Square and next to Ruas das Flores. The hotel rooms in this Curitiba hotel are functional and large, and a great add-on is the evening supper buffet, included in the room rate and served daily from 18h to 20h, with different kinds of bread, ham, cheese, a salad and some other options for a light dinner. This Curitiba hotel is recommended by Rough Guide.

[more info]

From: R$ 261

Hotel Johnscher is a boutique-hotel, a classic and sophisticated accommodation among Curitiba hotels, with very good value. Its perfect location is also a big plus! If you like elegance and modern, trendy accommodation in a classic environment, this Curitiba hotel fits your wishes. This Curitiba hotel (former Hotel San Juan Charm) is recommended by Lonely Planet and by Rough Guide.

[more info]

From: R$ 450

Pousada Astral da Ilha is a special place in Ilha do Mel. This guesthouse has 9 rooms, separated in suites, thematic suites, tahiti bungalow and chalet. On the thematic suites, you can choose which place in the world you'd like to be during your stay. The options are: AfricaBaliHawaii and India.

It has a very cosy and friendly atmosphere, very beloved by couples and just few steps from Praia de Fora, which is very good for surfing and bathing.

During holidays, guesthouses have other rates and minimum stay periods. The rates on site are not valid for national holidays.

[more info]

From: R$ 220

Hotel Pousada Enseada das Conchas is a lovely small guesthouse in Ilha do Mel. There are only 4 nicely decorated rooms and breakfast is served in the homey dining room. All the details are arranged for you to feel at home with friends; this makes it one of the best available Ilha do Mel hotels, with an excellent location. This friendly Ilha do Mel hotel is very well recommended by Lonely Planet and Rough Guide.

During holidays, guesthouses have other rates and minimum stay periods. The rates on site are not valid for national holidays.

[more info]

From: R$ 200

Pousada Fim da Trilha is a friendly accommodation, recommended for people looking for a resting spot on Ilha do Mel.

This Ilha do Mel hotel offers comfortable rooms, restaurant facilities and well-trained staff. Its cuisine is considered the best on the island and the rooms are quite comfortable.

Pousada Fim da Trilha is recommended by Lonely Planet.

During holidays, guesthouses have other rates and minimum stay periods. The rates on site are not valid for national holidays.

[more info]

From: R$ 125

Pousada Treze Luas has two locations in Praia de Fora on Ilha do Mel and from both you can hear the sound of the waves.

This Ilha do Mel hotel offers 17 rooms, some with air-conditioning and terrace, in a friendly and relaxing environment on Ilha do Mel.

The large living room and the location, close to the lighthouse, are some of this pousada´s highlights. This Ilha do Mel hotel is recommended by Lonely Planet.

During holidays, guesthouses have other rates and minimum stay periods. The rates on site are not valid for national holidays.

[more info]

From: R$ 70

Hostel Zorro Marimar Encantadas on Ilha do Mel is a suitable option for travellers looking for a budget accommodation option. This Ilha do Mel hostel is close to the pier in Encantadas and has a great location in front of the beach, surrounded by restaurants and bars. This Ilha do Mel pousada is recommended by famous travel guides like Lonely Planet and Rough Guide.

During holidays, guesthouses have other rates and minimum stay periods. The rates on site are not valid for national holidays.

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