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Centrally located hotel/address in Curitiba. Inform your adress in case you will stay further away and we will check if any extra fee applies.

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ON THE FIELD “SPECIAL REQUESTS” PLEASE INFORM: the complete name, passport number and birthdate of all passengers and any other special request.

Located only 70 km from Curitiba, Lapa is a pleasant destination for people who like history and culture.

The town´s economy is based on agro-business and it has 45,000 inhabitants and is very proud of its past. The downtown are has very well preserved houses and museums telling the history of the place.

Founded by “tropeiros” – former cattle rangers, that had a fundamental task in Brazil´s development, Lapa hosted a battle that lasted 26 days and retarded the enemies´ troops back in 1894, what made possible that the republican government could organize its troops and later defeat the insurgentes.

The city hosts its memories in several museums, such as the Historical Museum and the “Pantheon of Heroes”.

The Casa Lacerda was the home of one of the most influent local families and has original furniture. You will see how the richer country families lived in Brazil in the 19th century.

At Memorial Tropeiro, you will learn a bit about these men who former transported all kinds of things using mules in Brazil and were the engine of our economy in the past.

The main church built in honor to Santo Antonio was built between 1769 and 1784 and is an example of Portuguese colonial architecture.

The kind Theater São João was built from 1873 and probably finished 1876. For sure is that the emperor Dom Pedro II was there 1880. The place is quite interesting: the scene in Italian style, the audience in Elizabeth style and the fassade is neo-classic. Plays and music shows are still hold here frequently.

For lunch, we reccomend the local cuisine in delicious dishes. Later, if you want try something else, a sure bet is “Coxinha de Farofa”. Try it at Panificado Zeni, a very traditional place just in front of the beautiful Rua Manoel Pedro. Lunch is note included.

The Saint Benedikt Santuary is the biggest one dedicated to this saint in ther world. 

From the city you will see interesting stone formations that are today the "Parque Estadual do Monge". The place is only 3.5 km from the town and from there you will have a beautiful view from Lapa and its fields. The "monk" that gave name to the park was a person who lived in this area in the 19th century and was recognized for curing people with plants and for his spiritual guidance. Many people come every year for spiritual reasons to this park in Lapa. 

A memorable tour to visit a very beautiful town in Paraná Estate!

DISCOUNT POLICY: book until 5 days in advance and get discounts in the private tours: 5% for two tours and 10% for three tours or more.  The discounts are given manually in your confirmation.

  • Group size: from 1 to 45 people
  • Pickup location: Centrally located hotel/address in Curitiba. Inform your adress in case you will stay further away and we will check if any extra fee applies.
  • Drop-off location: Centrally located hotel/address in Curitiba.
  • Pickup time: (9.00 AM - 9.05 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (4.00 PM - 5.00 PM)


9:00 – Departure from Curitiba.

10:30 – Arrival in Lapa.

At city entrance you will see the monument to the "tropeiro", people who were important for many cities in the Brazilian history.

The visit includes a walking tour to several places in downtown Lapa, such as:

- Information office: were you will watch a short video about the battle "Cerco da Lapa" that happened 1894

- Teatro São João: a theater from the 19th century that is until today a cultural center

- Igreja Santo Antonio: the city´s main church was built in Portuguese colonial style

- Museu Histórico: a museum that presents the local history, especially about the battle from 1894

- Casa da Memória: known as "house of the little horses", this house hosts many books and also is the proof if a love story

- Museu das Armas: a collection of guns from different times, such as the ones used during the battle 1894, first and second World Wars. It is located in the former jailhouse.

- Casa Lacerda: a museum where you can see how a richer country family lived in Brazil in the 19th century

- Avenida Manoel Pedro: a charming street surrounded by trees

- Typical lunch with local specialties (not included)

- If it is open, visit to Santuário São Benedito, the biggest one for this saint

- Visit to Parque Estadual do Monge, a beautiful natural area in the upper part of Lapa (many stairs and slippery places). Besides its natural scenery, the park has a spiritual meaning for many people. 

If you want, we can make a snack stop at Panificado Zeni (optional) before returing to Curitiba (cakes, pastries and the local specialty - Coxinha de Farofa). 

Return to Curitiba, with arrival between 4 pm and 5 pm. 

Included services: private transportation, licensed guide and entrance fees.

Cancellation Policy

The cancelation of services by the buyer will occur fees in case of no-shows, transferences and cancelations or any other personal reasons that might prevent the buyer to take part in the tour or booked service. The mentioned fees follow following rules and will be charged according to the expenses already made by the tour company: 

- Until 30 days prior to service date: 10% cancelation feee 

- From 29 to 21 days prior to service date: 20% cancelation fee

- Less than 21 days prior to service date: above 20% cancelation fee 

These fees are according to Brazilian law and the Deliberação Normativa number 161 from August 8th 1985 by EMBRATUR.

Children policy

One child until 12 years old pay 50% of the tour. Aditional children pay the full price. Children above 12 years old pay the adul trate.

According to Brazilian law, children until 12 years old must be in company of parents or legal responsable or someone authorized in written form by her parents.

Children must always present original documents if requested. 

Participant Guidelines

In case your hotel is out of downtown area: an additional fee will be applied. Consult us. 

This is a private tour. What are the advantages for you?

Only you and your family/friends will take part on it. The guide and the transportation will be only for you. You will not need to wait for anyone else and you will not drive from one hotel to other to pick up other travelers. You will not share the tour with strangers. Talk to your guide about the itinerary and adapt it to your preferences. For example, if you want to change the tour itinerary and visit other places, it is possible, as long as it fits the tour duration and do not get out too much of the itinerary. In case you want to stay longer in a place you liked, you can do it too! Enjoy the most your leisure time with the people you love, with exclusivity and the personal service you deserve!

Other Disclosures

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee in the private tours! If we do not fulfill the tour description or you do not like something, please call us and give us 15 minutes to solve the situation. If we do not get it, you will get the money of the private tour back.

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