About Us

We are your local connection in Curitiba and its surroundings!

Special Paraná is a tourism company directed by professionals with loads of experience in tourism in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. Our goal is to show you the best spots in our region, surprising you with nature and culture in this hidden gem. And the most important thing: we love where we live and work and are eager to show you the best of our region.

Due to our deep local knowledge and our service, we are reccommended by Rough Guides.

Our office is located downtown, so that when you are in Curitiba, you can drop by for a coffee and have a chat with us. We also run the portals for Ilha do Mel/Paranaguá, Morretes & Antonina and Superagüi & Guaraquecaba. Just contact us if you need further information.

Who we are


Bibiana Antoniacomi – Director bibiana@specialparana.com

Bibiana was born in Curitiba and lived in Caracas/Venezuela as an exchange student in 1993/1994, graduated in Tourism at Universidade Federal do Paraná in 1997 and specialized in Tourism Management at ESADE in Barcelona/Spain.

While studying, she worked in an advertising agency, as an events hostess and afterwards in marketing in a local hotel chain. After Spain, she lived in Germany for over 7 years, working in hotels, incoming agencies and for a specialized tour operator, organizing tours for individuals, groups and incentive trips. But she wanted to come back to Curitiba for a while. In the beginning of 2007 it was so far! Since then she has managed her company and enjoys being back in her hometown. For her, Paraná is a region with many faces to be discovered over and over again. She speaks Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French. Bibiana is also a Trainer 8Ps, speaker and business coach.



Lilian Carvalho Baraus - coordinator | lilian@specialparana.com

Lilian is from Curitiba as well and graduated on Tourism at PUC-PR in 2012. She spent a season in Ireland to learn English and worked 5 years at an incoming travel agency before joining our team. She knows our region very well and gets many compliments of our clients. Lilian is in charge of travel agencies, companies and groups. As coordinator she is always checking the services, so our clients get the best experience.  She loves to read about several themes and is fascinated about history. She speaks Portuguese, studies English and History.



Andgella Tognato - operational | andgella@specialparana.com

Andgella is from Curitiba and graduated on Tourismo 2017 at PUC-PR. She spent 6 months in Dublin studying English and worked in a hotel, tour operator and travel agency before starting here. Andgella is in charge of individual bookings and small groups and answers our clients at Whatsapp and social medias during the office hours. She speaks Portuguese and English.


Raquel Araújo - operational | raquel@specialparana.com

Raquel was born in Brasília and lived in several cities in Brazil before choosing Curitiba. She is in charge of individual bookings and small groups in our website. Raquel studieded Tourism and is currently making a formation on Human Resources Management. She speaks Portuguese and English.


Patricia Roberta Batista - educational tours | patricia@specialparana.com 

Patricia is a very experienced tour guide and has joined our team to work with educational tours. She is in charge of organizing tours from schools, colleges and universities. She worked as tour guide many years, in the commercial department of travel agencies and in restaurants.


Caroline Kwasnicki  – free-lance marketing

Caroline was born in Curitiba and studied Institutional Communication at UTFPR and post-graduated on Marketing at Universidade Positivo. She worked with us during 5 years and now helps us now and then with our website and Instagram. Besides marketing, Caroline loves photography. She speaks Portuguese and English . Besides the communication area she loves photography, speaks Portuguese and English, photographs in her spare time and loves to travel.

Besides our office team, we have guides in several languages. All guides are very good, well educated and ready to welcome you in Curitiba. Know some of them in this vídeo.


How we work and what we do for our region

- We are concerned about offering quality services and want our visitors to experience the best in our region.

- We prefer to work with locally-owned Curitiba hotels, inns and small chains.

- We recommend Curitiba restaurants that serve local dishes.

- We leave enough time in our Curitiba tours so that local handcrafts can be seen and other important aspects of the towns can be shown.

- We do not take more than 12 or 15 people on tours to nature spots (trekking, hiking, etc.).

- We choose responsible tour guides, willing to show our travellers good sights, not taking them on shopping tours. We only work with licensed guides.

- We know and support local organisations that help families improve their standard of living, taking them out of extreme poverty, helping them to get jobs and improve the education level of their children.

- We book boat rides from local fishermen and inns to motivate people to invest in their boats and safety equipment.

- Depending on the nationality of the visitors, we take them to visit settlers and their descendents that live close to the visited spots, to motivate people to keep their language and handcrafts alive.

- We pay reasonable rates and salaries, making local tourism an interesting job option and motivating people to improve themselves.

- We take part in courses and initiatives with other local incoming agencies in order to strengthen our region and to develop sustainable tourism in Paraná.

- We offer courses to our staff so that we keep improving ourselves and giving a better service to our clients.

We are very glad that you now know more about us and are looking forward to welcoming you here!

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