Restaurants in Curitiba

Food in Curitiba is cheap, tasty and available very conveniently at the numerous cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the city. Enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the city's finest restaurants, or the liveliness of a roadside café, all serving the best of Curitiba's great tasting food and cuisine.

Tempt yourself with the tantalising taste of Brazilian cuisine!

Our Curitiba Restaurant Guide provides information about popular meals in Curitiba, as well as listing a variety of restaurants in Curitiba where you can explore the unique flavour of Brazilian cuisine. Many Curitiba restaurants, cafes and bars abound at the most well known Curitiba shopping spots; ideal for grabbing a quick bite between buying that perfect Curitiba souvenir.

Food & Cuisine in Curitiba

There are restaurants in Curitiba that have a ‘Por Quilo' sign outside it. The food here is available as a buffet and prices are charged per kilo. Usually this price ranges from 15 to 40 Reals per Kilo. You will have a great choice in terms of cuisine, starting with the local favourites to most of the contemporary dishes that are available elsewhere in the world.

While in Curitiba go to a Churrascaria. These are fixed price restaurants where the menu is elaborate and all for one low price! The tantalising barbeque smoke will get your gastric juices flowing. While you wait in the lobby for your number to be called out, go easy on the cheesy bread rolls, deli sandwiches, cachaca and numerous other tasty munchies, for the main courses will literally be piled on you once you are seated at your table. Starting with the drinks and side dishes of eggs, sushi, beans, cold meat, and greens, to the main procession of marinated turkey, Picanha, roast beef, lamb, filet mignon, it is never ending! Desserts, however, are not included in the price. Order dessert only after checking the prices, which are high compared to the food.

If you are keen on seafood, the Albatroz and Bar do Victor at Mateus Leme Street are good options. For upscale places, particularly if you are meeting someone, the Batel area has many good Curitibarestaurants and bars, great places for eating out in Curitiba. The Taj particularly is very good and serves all types of dishes. Locals have sort of written this place off, with new swanky eateries opening in Curitiba all the while.

The Santa Felicidade district is the living legacy of the Italian colonisation in late 1800s and early 1900. The immigrant Italians preserved their lifestyle and culture, evident in the numerous Italian restaurants in Curitiba from small taverns, to fancy and huge places that line the Via Veneto and Avenina Manoel Ribas;  truly a place to find ‘felicidade' or happiness!

Regional Food

While in Curitiba, a ‘must have' is the official dish of Parana - ‘barreado'. This is a beef stew that simmers slowly for more than 24 hours in a clay pot, sealed at its mouth, and is served with cassava flour and banana. To have the best barreado, take the train tour to Morretes . For tasting it in Curitiba,  a good choice is Casa Lilás, a purple house at Largo da Ordem, the old district. At the entrance, it looks like a handcraft shop, but at the end of the corridor you will find colourful rooms and a backyard where you can enjoy your meal in a peaceful and green environment.

The national favourite is the seasoned pork and black bean stew called ‘feijoada'. Ask around for a good ‘feijoada' restaurant in Curitiba but remember that it is available usually in some restaurants on Wednesdays and in most of them on Saturdays.

The State of Minas Gerais is famous for the ‘mineira' food, which is worth trying out. April to July you get the ‘pinhão', a nut available locally, if you are still interested in natural food! Now for some real thrillers! The ‘x-montanha,' a veritable cheese mountain with layers of bread stuffed with meat, and the ‘Bolinho de Aipim', a cassava and cheese cake, are heavenly! The mussels, shrimps, potato salad and the Brazilian coleslaw follow closely.


The favourite drink in Curitiba is the ‘caipirinha'. Made with cachaca, liquor that is distilled from sugar cane, mixed with sugar and lime, the refreshingly delicious taste makes it Brazils official drink. You will also find the versions "Caipirosca", made out of vodka or with other fruits like kiwi, strawberry, grapes... It is worth to try them!

You can carry bottles of cachaca back home, with the recipe written on the label! There are many brands and our favourite is Ypióca. You can even choose the organic one!