Transportation in Curitiba

Curitiba is recognized in Brazil as the "model city" due to its transportation system. Although Curitiba doesn't have subways, the bus system is so well organized that problems with the high traffic density are drastically reduced for a Latin American city.

Planned with one eye firmly on the future, Curitiba is one of the most organized and prosperous cities in Brazil. A model of well-organised urban solutions, Curitiba has a diverse transport system and a city design that is easy to negotiate.

For information about transportation in Curitiba, see our Curitiba Transportation Guide below, complete with hints and tips as well as contact information for a number of transportation suppliers. For tips on things to see and do in Curitiba during your stay, have a look at our Curitiba Destination Guide. Looking for information about some great tourist attractions and highlights across Brazil? Check out our Brazil Destination Guide. Our Brazil Transportation Guide gives details for transportation options across Brazil.

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Curitiba Transportation Guide

Curitiba is well connected by a great road system. There are four roads surrounding the city and connecting Curitiba to the states of Santa Catarina and São Paulo. The Curitiba international airport is another important connection channel. It´s still possible to access the city from the coastline via the train line that links Curitiba to Morretes, and on Sunday to Paranaguá.

Distances to Curitiba

Curitiba - São Paulo: 410 km / 0:45 flight / 6 hours by bus
Curitiba - Rio de Janeiro: 850 km / 1:20 flight/ 13 hours by bus
Curitiba - Iguassu-Falls: 636 km/ 1:00 flight / 11 hours by bus
Curitiba - Florianópolis: 308 km / 0:40 flight / 5 hours by bus
Curitiba - Porto Alegre: 706 km / 1:10 flight / 10 hours by bus
Curitiba - Campo Grande: 1003 km / 1:30 flight / 16 hours by bus
Curitiba - Belo Horizonte:  1002 km / 1:30 flight / 16 hours by bus

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Getting to Curitiba

By Air

Afonso Pena International Airport
is the busiest airport in the state of Paraná. Its area is around 45 thousand square metres and it can handle 3.5 million people/year. It's located in the metropolitan area of Curitiba, in the city of São José dos Pinhais, situated 14 km from Curitiba city centre. The airport offers many services such as restaurants, coffee shops, banks, post office, magazine stores, a fast sleep centre and a handcrafts shop.

Among the options to go from the airport to Curitiba city centre, there are the regular buses, taxis, shuttles and the executive microbuses; which cost R$ 12,00 per person and go through some of the most important points in downtown. For your comfort, book our reliable private pick-up service. Our staff will be glad to wait for you in the airport!

Book your airport transfer with us: one-way and return transfer.

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Flights to Curitiba

By Road

Travelling by road is the most common form of transportation in Curitiba and Brazil. Brazilians usually travel by car and Curitiba has several roads connecting Curitiba to the rest of the state and the country. The most important are listed below.

Highway BR-116 leads from São Paulo to Porto Alegre crossing Curitiba.

Highway BR-277: BR-277 crosses the state of Paraná from east (city of Paranaguá ) to west (city of Foz do Iguassu), going through other important cities such as Curitiba, Guarapuava and Cascavel. This is the main connection from Curitiba to the beaches. This highway continues through Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, with a different name.

Highway BR-376: Also called 'Rodovia do Café' or 'Coffee Road'. In the past this highway was the main route to transport all the field production to the country harbours. Nowadays, this road continues to be an important connector of Curitiba to the coast side.

Graciosa Road (PR-410): This is a historical road built in 1721, during the colonial period in Brazil. The colonial way crosses the most protected stretch of the Atlantic Rain Forest and it is largely frequented by locals during weekends. The Graciosa road connects Curitiba to the coastal side and includes important tourist destinations such as Antonina and Morretes. It is very pleasant to go by train to Morretes and Antonina and return by the Graciosa Road. Ask us about such options. The Graciosa Road can be reached leaving Curitiba towards São Paulo on BR 116. You can book your train tour or only the train ticket with us. 

On our Curitiba map you will see the main roads leading to the city, as well as the location of our Curitiba hotels.

By Bus

Going by bus is one of the best ways to reach the surrounding cities of Paraná and major destinations including Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo or even to the neighbouring countries.The Rodoviária, or bus station, is located at Sete de Setembro Avenue. Many services are available in this main bus station in Curitiba, such as snack bars, stores, restaurants and 24-hour bank tellers. The buses are usually clean and comfortable. There are differences between 'conventional' - regular buses, the more comfortable 'executivo' - executive buses, and 'leito' - buses with better seats and good for longer trips where you will travel overnight and sleep on the bus.

Many travellers arrive by bus and prefer to stay in hotels close to the main train station. Some recommended Curitiba hotels in this area are: Hotel Promenade (a nice mid-range hotel), Hotel Vernon (good mid-range hotel just in front of the bus station),  Hostel Roma (backpacker, just in front of a shopping mall),  Hotel Victoria Villa (very comfortable mid-range hotel), Hotel Villaggio(a nice, small budget hotel with flare), Hotel Paraná Suíte (a practical mid-range hotel close to the bus station and a shopping mall), Hotel San Juan Executive (a nice mid-range hotel) and Hotel Lizon (good mid-range).

Book your bus ticket in advance - contact us for this service. We will leave your ticket at your Curitiba hotel.

By Train

Trains are not common in Paraná. They are used mainly for transporting goods. But between Curitiba and Paranaguá there is one of the most impressive railroad tours in South America. It crosses the Atlantic Rain Forest. A very interesting tour! You can find more information on our tours & activities page. We will be glad to book your train tour. Our suggestion is to return via the scenic Graciosa Road.

If you only want to book the train ticket and return to Curitiba by yourself, you can book your train ticket in advance:

Train ticket turistico - Portuguese speaking guide - daily - R$ 84 per person (daily departures)
Train ticket executivo - English-Portuguese speaking guide - daily - R$ 123 per person
  (Saturday and Sundays and daily in the high season)

Check out our train tours that include private transfers, a guide and lunch:

Train Tour Curitiba Morretes: Available daily!
 The tourist categories (Portuguese) and Executive category (English) are available, returning by the Graciosa road by car or van.

If you prefer only to buy the train tickets, contact us for this service. We will send your voucher per e-mail and you just need to arrive at the train station 15 minutes in advance.

Getting Around Curitiba

Bus System

The actual Curitiba transportation system was created in the '70s as an effort to reduce costs and offer an efficient and high-quality transportation system to the population. This system, a kind of surface subway, includes exclusive roads for the buses and more than 300 stations, called 'estações-tubo' - kind of glass tubes used as bus stops. The fleet is composed of more than 2,500 buses that guarantee the efficiency of the system. The bus fare is around R$ 2.85. If people change buses in the so called 'terminal', they do not need to pay again, so travelers can cross the city paying only once. People over 60 years old can ride buses for free using an identification card that can be requestet at URBS. 

The local famous 'biarticulated' buses in Curitiba have the capacity to transport 270 passengers. The regular buses are identified by different colours, which indicate the kind of routes the buses run. Grey buses ('ligeirinhos'), stopping only at a few points along the route, are basically direct buses. Green buses ('interbairros') connect the different regions in the city without crossing the centre. Yellow buses connect the different regions to the city centre. Orange buses have local routes and connect the suburbs to main stations. There are also white mini buses that are called 'circular centro', crossing different areas downtown.

If you plan to use buses during your stay in Curitiba, it is worth to plan your journey using Google Maps. Curitiba´s public transportation is listed there and you can see the bus routes and which buses to take. 

Tourism Line

The Tourism Line in Curitiba is a special double-decker bus line that goes passed the main tourist attractions in Curitiba. With these buses it's possible to visit the most important parks, squares and attractions in the city. They circulate every 30 minutes, in an approximately 45 km trip that takes around 2.5 hours to complete. The tour starts at the Tiradentes Square, the zero mark of the city, but it's possible to start the tour at any of the stops. The fare to board the bus is R$ 29.00 and gives you the option to stop off at as many as four points of your choice. The bus runs from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 5:30 pm, every 30 minutes. Another more comfortable alternative is to book a private city tour.

By Taxi

A fleet of about 5000 vehicles comprises Curitiba's taxi service. To ensure the safety, comfort and security of passengers most taxi drivers are trained in first aid and defensive driving. They are well versed when it comes to the city, making them great alternative tour guides.

Yellow taxis run inside the city. For a taxi to the airport in Curitiba that is in another town, a percentage of 30% over the price shown on the taximeter must be paid as return fee, as these taxis are not allowed to pick up passengers outside Curitiba. White taxis are usually from the airport and are not allowed to pick up guests on their way back to the airport. They also charge a return fee.

There are also 'executive taxis', with no taxi sign posted, offering more comfort, but also charging more for their service.

Driving in Curitiba

Driving on the right side of the road is mandatory while driving in Curitiba. Road signs are colour coded. Red and white signs are regulation signs, yellow and black are warning signs, and information signs are blue. Brown and white are tourist signs. The speed limit within the city is 60 km/hr. On the highways top speed is 110 km/hr. Please pay attention to the local signs, as the speed can change from point to point.

There are private parking lots in Curitiba. Most streets downtown have signs with 'Estar', where you must fill in a parking form to avoid penalties. On such streets you are not allowed to park longer than one hour during business hours.

Gas stations are scattered throughout Curitiba. General hours of operation are 7 am to 10 pm, though a few operate round the clock. Most cars can be filled with gasoline or ethanol ('álcool'). Pay attention to the details regarding the car you are using.

Car Hire in Curitiba

Renting a car in Curitiba
is quite easy with rental companies located all over the city. Some agencies can also provide a driver. We can also help you if you wish a car with driver-guide (also available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian). Contact us for this service.

Bike rental in Curitiba

Curitiba has several bike lanes linking the parks of the city. If you plan to visit the city using a bike, two companies offer bike rentals: Kuritbike and 

Airlines Company Top

Afonso Pena International Airport
Afonso Pena International Airport
Aeroporto Afonso Pena
Aeroporto Afonso Pena

Taxis Top

Av Pres Wenceslau Braz 2426Curitiba
Tel: 55 41 3352 5252
R. Dr. Gulin, 1699 Curitiba - Juvevê
Tel: 0800 414141
R. Dr Estevan R de Souza Neto 1077Curitiba
Tel: 55 41 3022 2222

Airport Top

Av. Rocha Pombo, s/nº São José dos Pinhais
Tel: 55 41 3381 1515

Public Transportation Top

Av. Presidente Affonso Camargo, 330 Curitiba - Centro
Tel: 55 41 3320 3000
Av. Presidente Affonso Camargo, 330 Centro - Curitiba
Tel: 55 41 3320-3232 or 55 41 3320-3000
Fax: 55 41 3232 9475

Train Transportation Top

Av. Presidente Affonso Camargo, 330
Tel: 55 41 3888 3488

Bus Transportation Top

Av. Afonso Carmago, SN
Tel: 0300 789 2002
Fax: 55 41 3233 9205
Av Pres Affonso Camargo 330 Curitiba
R. Afonso Camargo s/n Bus Station Curitiba
Av Pres Affonso Camargo, 330 lj 10 Jardim Botânico - Curitiba

Car Rent Top

Facilita Locadora de Veículos
Rua Prudente Moraes 770 Centro, Curitiba
Tel: 55 41 3019 1410‎
Fax: 55 41 3023 6465
Yes Aluguel de Carros
Av Com Franco 2841 Curitiba
Tel: 55 41 3366 2525
Rua Lamenha Lins 1607 Curitiba
Tel: 55 41 3381 1370
Hertz Locadora de Veículos
Av Ns Aparecida 904 Curitiba
Tel: 55 41 3269-8000

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