Feira do Largo da Ordem

Place: Largo da Ordem - Curitiba  (14 Aug 2020 )

The so called "feirinha" is a beloved place for locals and tourists. The stands fill the complete historical area and in some places there is a very specific groups of people. On the square in front of the ruins and Belvedere you will find families with kids playing. On the side street from Sociedade Garibaldi there are always wonderful antique cars and their owners. A bit further you will see Harley Davidson fans seating in one of the street cafés. Some people come only for the draft beer from "Schwarzwald" and others for shopping. "Feirinha" is a very democratic place and Curitibanos and tourists love to be there.

See more: https://youtu.be/loDPtoLh5U4 

Several  charming restaurants are here and serve delicious lunch, like Sr. Garibaldi facing the flower clock or No Kafe Fest, inside Solar do Rosário. Do not miss this colourful place if you are in Curitiba on a Sunday!!