Pré-Carnaval de Curitiba

Place: Largo da Ordem - Curitiba  (17 Jan 2020 - 31 Jan 2020 )

altIn Curitiba, Paraná – the biggest city on Southern Brazil – Carnival happens a little bit different than every other place. Carnaval here is not very exciting but this have been changing since a small group of friends decided to get the Carnaval atmosphere going in the city and started to organize and celebrate its own Carnaval, back in 1998 when they founded a group called “Garibaldis e Sacis” to play on Largo da Ordem, the old town. Now the party is celebrated downtown, at Av. Marechal Deodoro.

altThe idea was a great success and nowadays is a very traditional party that happens Sunday afternoon, starting some weeks before the holiday official date! 

Each Sunday has a theme where many people dress up and spend the day following a little and improvised parade dancing, singing and drinking around the centre of Curitiba. In according to the organization of the event, the group already got 5.000 people together! Most of them are students but families, lawyers, journalists, among others also participate! It is a lot of fun!!!

Check out the dates and plan your fun for 2016:

January 17th - Av. Marechal Deodoro - starting at 3pm - Theme: traditional

January 30th - Av. São José dos Pinhais (Sítio Cercado) - far from downtown - starting at 3 pm - Theme: inverted

January 31th - Av. Marechal Deodoro - starting at 3pm - Theme: heroes