Typical food in Paraná´s Coast

Breakfast is usually a light and simple meal of bread with jam or cheese and ham, some fresh fruit, a cup of coffee and some milk. There may be other add-ons depending on the hotel or pousada you are staying in. Fruits like papayas, mangoes, avocado and watermelons are common.

Brazilians don't like to eat on the go and so you will almost never see Brazilians with their meal in hand strolling or riding a bike. People frown on eating in the street or in the office. 

In general, you will find plenty of fish, spraws and oysters on the coast. From March to May, it is forbidden to catch spraws, since these are their reproduction months. Restaurants are simple, especially in Superagui and Ilha do Mel, and food comes in abundance. If you are not so hungry, order a half portion.

In simple restaurants you will find 'prato feito'. This is a home style dish, serving mostly black beans, rice, French fries and fish, chicken or beef. It is the most inexpensive way to eat!

Salads are brought together with other dishes and you can season it to your liking with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

The typical food and drinks you should not miss are:

Barreado: boiled beef cooked many hours in a casket served with rice and bananas. It is very common in Morretes and Antonina and also served at Casa do Barreado in Paranaguá.

Arroz Lambe-Lambe: rice cooked with sea food and typical in Ilha do Mel.

Bala de Banana: banana candy made in Antonina or Morretes. The most typical ones are from Antonina and are packed in green paper. Delicious!

Bala de Gengibre: ginger candy made in Morretes. Morretes is the greatest ginger producer in Brazil and ginger can be found in various forms there. One of the tastiest is the ginger candy. 

Cambira: this is a traditional dish from the time when there was no electricity and fish had to be kept with salt. The fish tainha has been sun-dried with salt and prepared afterwards with several spices. This dish is served at Restaurant Burghezia in Pontal do Sul.

Mãe ca Filha: sugar cane spirit mixed with sugar cane syrup are the ingredients of this delicious liquor. It can be found in Paranaguá and is the typical drink for the fandango dance. It can be found at "Mercado Municipal" in Paranaguá. 

Cachaça de Banana: this liquor is typical for Morretes. The sugar cane spirit is mixed with banana. It can be found in Morretes. 

Cachaça: try the silver and golden versions of sugar cane spirit produced in Morretes. Some producers are open to welcome visitors. 

Cataia: "cataia" is a leaf found only in some islands along the northern part of the coast of Paraná and the southern part of the coast of São Paulo. The island inhabitants put it into bottles of "cachaça" to give it a special taste. The drink is popularly called "caiçara whisky" due to its color. Cataia means "burning leaf" in the indian language.