Superagui National Park

Superagüi Island is situated on the northern end of Paranaguá Bay and it is even more calm and rustic than Ilha do Mel. Superagüi Island is part of the Superagui National Park, where wonderful treasures are waiting to be discovered.

The coastal ecosystems of the Superagui National Park are among the most remarkable on the planet!

Superagui National Park

altThe Superagui National Park or Parque Nacional do Superagui was created in 1989 with a land area of 33,998 hectares split between the Valley of the Rio dos Patos on the mainland, as well as the islands of Superagui, Das Peças, Pinheiro and Pinheirinho. Fishing regions lie outside the perimeter of the park, allowing fishermen to go about their work unhindered. The park is within the estuary and lagoon of Paranaguá, Iguape and Cananéia.

altMuch of the sea life here is conserved in the ecosystem of the park. The mangroves, sand banks, empty beaches and ecological trails help to preserve many endemic species and marine life present in the reserve. Plant species like jacarandas, ipês, figs, orchids, caxetas, jerivá, palm trees, guapés and guanandis are found in abundance.

altSome extremely rare animals like the endangered papagaio-da-cara-roxa (purple faced parrot) and mico-leao-da-cara-preta (black-faced lion tamarin) are sheltered along the eastern reaches. Migratory birds like the blowtorch also depend on this ecosystem to survive the cold months away from the north. Bird species like the thrush, frigate, toucan, biguá and big-white-heron thrive. At the break of dawn as well as at dusk, the purple-faced-parrot can be spotted on Pinheiro Island.

Other species found here include broad snouted caiman, cutias, saua monkeys, wild pigs, pacas, and poisonous snakes like the coral, jararaca, and deer.

You can access the area by boat from Ilha do Mel and Paranaguá. It is located within the Area of Environmental Protection in Guaraqueçaba and has been recognised by the UNESCO in the category Mankind Natural Patrimony.

Desert Beach

altThis desert beach or Praia Deserta, as it is called, runs for 38 km along the coastline of the Superagui Island. With its empty stretches and wide open spaces, it is not hard to see how it got its name. The beach is perfect for long walks of between 4 and 7 hours. Bird watchers will find plenty to keep them enthralled thanks to the high population of migratory birds (from the cold north) that flock here from March to April each year. Cycling enthusiasts can ride around the area for unhindered long stretches.

Lagoa Trail

This 3 km long walking trail leads from the sand bar on Superagüi village up to the Praia Deserta and one stretch involves going through marshy lands. However, even beginners and the less adventurous do not consider it too difficult to try since it is on flat land and relatively easy.

Boat tour

altA boat tour is also a must-do when you are here. Such tours take you to several channels and islands, where you will see mangroves and the rich fauna and flora of the region. In the late afternoon, a good option is to stop in front of Pinheiro and Pinheirinho islands to see the parrots ‘papagaio chauá' returning back home. They arrive alone or in small groups. According to an environmental organisation, more than 2,000 parrots live on the island. They leave the islands early every morning in search of food and return at the end of the day to nest.

Ilha das Peças

altThe biggest attraction on Ilha das Peças is “Baía dos Golfinhos” or “Dolphins Bay”, located just in front of the pier. From the community restaurant, where women have organized themselves in an association to cook home-style food, you can appreciate dolphins swimming and playing around. The village has about 500 inhabitants and many deluxe houses, where wealthy people from Paranaguá and Curitiba enjoy having summer residences.
altDuring weekends, many boat owners stop on the island to enjoy a meal or a cold beer in one of the beach bars and restaurants. Everything is simple, but natives are well organized and even have classes in rooms via satellite. 


How to reach Superagui?

There are regular boats starting from Paranaguá. The boat ride takes about 3 hours. More information here. Be sure to call and check the times (only in Portuguese) to avoid suprises.

If you prefer, we can arrange private transfers to Superagui in safe fast boats (for until 6 persons).


Tours in Superagui?

See here a 3-day tour to Superagui Island with English speaking guide. Book in advance!